• January 27 TTC Board meeting

    Can you imagine dealing with cancelled bus routes? Longer waits for your streetcar and bus?

    Toronto is running out of streetcars and buses. If the TTC does not make a streetcar order this year, we'll be waiting years for new vehicles.

    But there is still time for City Councillors to act. The TTC Board will vote Monday January 27th about whether to purchase more vehicles.

    That's where you come in. Join us at the January 27th meeting to tell the TTC Board why we desperately need these vehicle purchases to happen.

    When you RSVP here, we will follow up with you and send you more background information.

    You are also welcome to attend the meeting, but not speak. Contact for more information.

  • Jan27volnight

    Help us make art for our February 6th day of action, and call our supporters to invite them! We’ll have snacks and tokens available.

    If possible, bring a phone and laptop to help us make phone calls. If you can't bring a phone or laptop, you can help make art!